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Incident Report Follow Up 6

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: April 19, 2004

Incident: Following up the investigation, we collected information and assembled a theory as to the origin of the newest zombies. Judging by the advanced stages of necrosis observed in both corpses, the zombies were probably hang-overs from the last occurrence. They most likely went dormant during the colder months and resurfaced when the temperature climbed back to the level they seem to thrive in.

We went back to the hooverville, now desolate and abandoned, to investigate a possible resurgence of the original stagger. Despite combing a five-mile area around the hooverville and also around the trailer, we found no traces of zombie activity of any kind. It wasn't until about 9:35 p.m. central time that we encountered anything.

Alerted by the barking of our dogs, we cut across a marshy area of woodland and emerged in what appeared to be some sort of car graveyard. I had seen a small part of this area from the road and had a rough idea where we were in relation to our base of operations. We were no more than a three-minute drive away, but in an inaccessible part of the junkyard due to the abundance of barbed wire fences strung about with seemingly chaotic abandon. The cars in this area of the junkyard were no more than rusted heaps. The dogs led us on a hectic chase until we rounded a corner and emerged from the tangle of rusted steel no more than thirty feet from a small stagger. The stagger consisted of four zombies in various stages of necrosis. They are recorded below:

  1. Caucasian female, middle aged, sand colored hair, very well preserved aside from lacerations on its arms, legs, neck, face and chest. The contact.
  2. Unidentifiable. Extremely advanced stage of necrosis.
  3. Caucasian male, older, bald, well preserved aside from a horrifically broken arm. Wearing a blue jumpsuit, name tag identified it as "Beau."
  4. Hispanic female, very young, black hair. The flesh of both legs had been almost completely stripped, forcing it to crawl slowly across the ground. (This zombie was considerably further away from us than the others, who had obviously scented us and were coming to feed.)

We opened fire and destroyed them all. Afterwards, we searched the area and found the remains of a large dog. We destroyed it for good measure. No further zombie activity was observed, either in the junkyard or the immediate area.

Will follow up with investigation.

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