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Incident Report Follow Up 5

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: April 15, 2004

Incident: On Thursday morning we received an unnerving call from an unknown number. The call went more or less like this:

Person: Frantic, "Hello?!"
Me: "Yea...?"
Person: "You've got to help me!" The sounds of crashing in the background, followed by a scream. The phone line goes dead.

The voice was badly slurred, and the caller's gender was difficult to determine. We have yet to determine why this person called us instead of the Police. The fact that he/she did, however, means that he/she had our number, and he/she had to get it somewhere. We have a mailing list, so to speak, of contacts. This list includes important information such as gender, age, race, address and phone number. Our phone number is given to the people on this list, so the first place we went was there.

We called every number down the list, making notes of those who didn't answer the phone. There were six lines left unanswered, so we checked on all of those. The first four houses were in populated areas, and all had locked doors and intact windows. The fifth house was a trailer a few miles from civilization. Further referencing showed it to be, in fact, within three miles of the last outbreak. The resident of the house was a 47-year-old caucasian female. She lived alone.

We proceeded with extreme caution, but found the house to be mostly empty. It showed all the signs of an attack: doors knocked down all through the house, tables overturned, bloody smears across walls and tiles. The master bedroom, where the attack presumably reached its climax, stank so bad one of our operatives reported becoming nauseous. The stench was coming from the body of what appeared to have been a young African-American male, but was in such a bad stage of decay, not to mention missing a large section of the cranium (presumably from a high caliber firearm), that we declined to attempt identification. The window was broken and blood trailed up the wall and on the shards of glass that remained affixed to the window frame. The phone line had been pulled out of the wall (because it was across the floor, we think that one of the attacking zombies tripped over it, inadvertently cutting the line). We found two spent .50 caliber bullet casings on the floor near the phone.

Upon a investigation of the backyard we discovered the bullet-ridden body of a young African-American female-not as badly decayed as the first, but still rather putrid-approximately seven yards from the window. Mud close to the woods was spotted with unidentifiable tracks. We found four more .50 caliber casings progressively closer to the woods.

The theory is this: the woman (Jane Doe) was encountered by a stagger of at least three or more zombies. She was pursued into her trailer, at which time she barricaded herself into the bedroom and called us. The stagger broke through the door and cut the line. She succeeded in destroying one of them with a well-aimed shot to the head before fleeing out of the window, whereupon she encountered at least two more zombies. She destroyed one and fled into the woods, pursued by the remaining zombies. We have yet to determine the source of this new outbreak, and we have combed the area multiple times and not encountered a single zombie, let alone the remaining members of the stagger. Attempts to locate these zombies continue.

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