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Incident Report Follow Up 4

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: July 24, 2003/1900 hours

Incident: This is a follow-up to the previous report.

Site D, the trailer where the previous incident occurred, is in between site C and B. We surmise that the zombie destroyed at site C had been heading in that direction from site D. Two more miles in that direction is a bridge over water and a camp full of homeless people known as a "Hooverville." There are lots of places to hide there, and Hooverville serves as an obvious food source.

We drove to the bridge, hiked down the bank and immediately encountered two zombies under the bridge, both reasonably well preserved males dressed like hobos. Our proximity to the road forced us to refrain from the use of our firearms (specifically, two twelve gauge shotguns and a high-powered rifle). We laid about them with a wood axe, a crowbar and a sword. By the time they fell we saw two more: a bloated, bloodied male and a waterlogged female (one of the three previously mentioned Stoned Hookers) staggering knee-deep in the water towards us. We led them further down the stream, luring them away from the road before we opened fire on them. We hiked for another ten minutes, destroying another zombie we met coming out of the trees. By the time we reached the Hooverville it was growing dark, so we readied our flashlights.

The Hooverville was nothing more than a loosely-bunched group of patched tents spread out on a flat, muddy bank near the stream. There were three firepits in the camp, with red plastic jugs of gasoline stacked off to the side, and about five yards away to the north was a deep trench, about ten meters long, two meters wide and two meters deep (I later discovered, when looking at a map of the area, that the trench was all that remained of a discontinued drainage pipe construction). Immediately upon our arrival the camp was swarming with zombies (we estimate 20 to 25 zombies in all.). We divided and spread out, circling the zombies at a distance while firing on them. This strategy managed to keep most of them confused; we picked off the ones who got too close, but we were running out of ammunition and it appeared that eventually one of us would be grabbed.

We decided to herd the creatures to the trench. It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be, and I had to literally stand inside the trench to lure the zombies near, while my associates ran around distracting and pushing them toward me. I was almost bitten several times.

Once a majority of the creatures were down in the hole we destroyed the ones that remained and threw their bodies into the trench. The zombies had a difficult time climbing out of the mud in the trench. We stabbed holes in the jugs of gasoline, tossed them down into the trench and lit the works with a road flare. The zombies had been saturated, and those that did not catch fire immediately were consumed by the fire of burning zombies writhing in confusion.

We combed the area and destroyed another three we found heading back towards the camp. We will continue to search for any surviving zombies, as so far only two of the original three have been accounted for.

Will follow up.

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