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Incident Report Follow Up 3

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Alabama

Date/Time: July 23, 2003/2142 hours

Incident: This is a follow-up to the previous reports.

After destroying the zombie at the dead end, we added that area to our map as point C. Point C was two-and-a-half miles away from point A, and three-and-a-half miles away from point B. The zombies were expanding their hunting grounds, but we still needed to find out what they had been feeding on and where it was. We made a few calls to nearby residents, warning them to be wary of strangers and not to hesitate to call the police should something strange happen. Out of seven calls two didn't pick up. We decided to investigate those houses.

The first residence belonged to an old man living alone. We told him to be careful, that there were troublemakers out and about. We refrained from mentioning zombies as he probably wouldn't have believed it. He assured us he'd be careful and said his shotgun was loaded beside his bed.

We left his house and drove to the next one, which was set apart from civilization at the end of a long, winding dirt road. The residents owned a cow pasture. It was getting dark, but already we could see warning signs. The cars were in the driveway, but the driver's side door of a green Ford f150 stood open with the automatic lights off. The cows had broken the fence and were nowhere to be found, although their tracks led off away from the house. No lights were on in the house, which was nothing more than a double wide trailer, but the front door hung open, twisted on its hinges.

We approached with caution, weapons ready. About thirty paces from the house we saw the first, a middle-aged caucasian man, well dressed and well preserved aside from deep, symmetrical lacerations on his face and neck suggestive of bite wounds. It staggered around the left side of the house and engaged us. We opened fire on it. It took four more steps before falling dead. Another came from the front door: a young girl wearing a yellow sun dress. She had blond hair. Her face had been eaten off. One of my associates faltered, but we opened fire and destroyed it before it left the stairs. A groan from behind alerted us to the next zombie's presence, and we turned and discovered a middle-aged female with blond hair, standing no more than two and a half meters from us. We opened fire and fell back, putting her down only a meter from our feet.

A search of the grounds turned up evidence of a human laying behind the house. The remains were unidentifiable, gnawed bones. We found other bones and the remains of several cows, littered across the pasture. No sign of the aforementioned zombies. After we collected our bullet casings and washed the blood from the driveway with the garden hose, we piled the bodies in the house and turned on the gas furnace, leaving a burning cigarette in the ashtray. As we drove off, the explosion rocked the car and shook the windows.

We have reached the decision that the news of a zombie outbreak reaching the local authorities would gain us little more than an investigation into our actions, and perhaps even our arrests. The news of the trailer may be in the Press Register. The cow field is an obvious food source, but why they should eat the cows and spare most of the humans I do not know. Perhaps they are purposefully making more zombies? Their wandering is unusual, but not unheard of, and only makes them more dangerous.

Will follow up.

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