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Incident Report


Base: North Alabama

Date/Time: July 12, 2003/2200 hours

Incident: At 2200 hours I was trying to enjoy a little R&R with a few friends and team members when I got a call from another friend informing me that there was something outside her house and she was frightened. My team loaded up and went to investigate. Upon arriving, we found that the door was busted down and the lights were off. We charged into the house and discovered that several vampires (NEW BREED) had broken into the house and torn the place apart looking for something. Fortunately, my friend was able to hide and listen. The vampires said my name and other members of my team while looking through her things. We believe that they were looking for information to our whereabouts and we think they found it. At 0100 hours, after we had all returned to our homes, fellow team member Will called me and said his house was being watched. My house as well is being watched. No other events have been brought to my attention as of now.

I strongly advise extreme caution to all agents out there. Be careful!!!! They are hunting us and we must be on the defensive at all times. I'll report back as I have more information.

Agent Vantirgo

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