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Incident Report Follow Up 2

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Agent/Witness: SpaceMonkey

Base: Birmingham, Alabama

Date/Time: July 26, 2003/0200 hours

Incident: Case closed? This is the second and final follow-up to the case of the "Barfly Vampire."

On July 24, I made contact with the alleged vampire's sister. I filled her in on the pertinent details of the case; she required a bit of convincing to accept that her brother could be a threat to her life. Still, I was confident she'd contact me if she heard from him.

Paydirt!! Exciting morning, today!

Several hours before dawn on the morning of Saturday, July 26, the vampire entered his sister's apartment in "Southside" and awoke her. He had recently fed and was in a state of euphoria; he attempted to convince his sister to willingly join him in the vampiric life.

Ms. F---- managed to leave the room with her cell phone and called me. I arrived with a couple of armed friends. The vampire actually shouted a friendly greeting as we entered the apartment. He made no attempt to attack before we dispatched him.

I made certain he was a vampire afterward; NO doubt whatsoever: confirmed vampire kill.

Personal note: Creepy little case. There was a moment I thought we'd made a mistake-- he was so CALM when we approached him. From Ms. F----'s account though, the vampire expressed a grisly excitement about his actions and the nature of what he had become. "He talked about KILLING people," she said to me, "like it was a fun game, and if I didn't play too, I'd be missing out."

This is the first vampire I've caught. Not too much activity here; good thing, ay?

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