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Incident Report Follow Up 1

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Agent/Witness: SpaceMonkey

Base: Birmingham, Alabama

Date/Time: July 17, 2003/0000-0200 hours

Incident: Single bite victim; late night Blues concert at a locale called "Marty's."

Regarding the drunken man ejected from a bar who was then attacked by a vampire:

The victim in the case, a Mr. Cyrus B---, has been treated and released from the hospital. He gave permission to use his name. Mr. B--- mistakenly believed he was beaten up by the bartender who threw him out, rather than a vampire.

Mr. B-- has since remembered that he was attacked outside "Marty's" by a man he recognized as Daniel-Ray F----, a fellow employee at his workplace. Mr. F--- had taken two weeks vacation to visit Gulf Shores, AL but as of July 17 had been three days late in returning to work. Current whereabouts: unknown.

Before the attack, Mr. B--- claims Daniel-Ray F--- tried to warn him away. Presumably, the beast then gave in to its nature and bit Mr. B---. Fortunately for him, Mr. B--- was successful in fighting off Daniel-Ray F--- and re-entered the bar. However, in his state, he became confused and assumed the bartender, not Daniel-Ray F---, had attacked him.

Since a Missing Persons report had been filed, police were able to enter and search Daniel-Ray's residence in Hoover, AL. They allowed me to tag along. A search turned up nothing unusual, but I was able to find a phone number and address for his sister(?), who lives on the south side of Birmingham. No reply by phone. I will continue to try to contact her and look for other leads.

It's possible Daniel-Ray F---, if indeed he is a vampire, was infected in Gulf Shores, which is near the Alabama/Florida border on the Gulf Coast. Agents in that area may wish to contact me for info pertaining to Daniel-Ray F----.

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