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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Mike Pavao

Base: Massachusetts

Date/Time: July 2-6, 2003/0025 hours

Incident: I took my assault team to Cape Cod recently on word of zombie and vampire activity there. When we asked around, the locals told us of an unusual number of missing persons reports. Local resident Matt B. brought us to a water cave near a cove and left in a hurry. I went inside the cave and found a pack of zombies there. The gender of the pack varied, and several of the zombies were extremely decomposed. For some reason the zombies would not go into the water, although most of them were wearing bathing suits. We counted a total of 15 zombies. We returned later with our Glocks and M4A1s and eliminated them.

We later discovered that the cave was near an area of water known for a powerful undertow and also near an area known for many parties. My theory is that one zombie got into the cave and the undertow brought people into the cave for it to feed on. Anyway, we sealed the cave, and as far as we know there has been no further activity.

I also have information on vampires that I will provide on a different post.

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