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Incident Report Follow-Up 17

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Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: Mantua, Ohio

Date/Time: Various

Incident: Within one night we raided three dwellings: a suspected halfway nest/den; a confirmed vampire meeting place; and a confirmed nest/den. Upon entering the meeting location and securing all grounds, we found no new evidence. Last time we swept the place, we weren't alone, but there was no altercation.

We have confirmed they do not use this place anymore. Upon sweeping and investigating the suspected halfway den, we confirmed it's clear and not used in any way.

When we gained access to the confirmed nest, we discovered an ideal space for them. But no evidence supported vampire activity. At least not now. Agent Sid said he had seen "something run past" in the woods that night. Can't confirm what.

We believe the pack we've been tracking has now migrated elsewhere. No sign of them here. Everything was cleaned up inside the halfway den. Inside the walls, we found where one slept. We think he (the lone vampire who occupied it) has left with the local pack. Or followed them.

The pack has three members. If the loner joined them,which we think unlikely, then it's four.

The alpha vampire is average height and carries cigarettes. When he stands in the open, he usually smokes to attract attention (for hunting purposes, of course). The team nicknamed him "smoke" for this reason. If any agents sight him, please contact me and let me know where and when. We did another sweep last night and went over everything. We now deem the Mantua case CLOSED.

Signing Off: David A. Frost

Vanguard Assistant Director

O.U.R.S. Team Leader.

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