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Incident Report Follow-Up 16

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Agent/Witness: Frost

Base: NE Ohio/Portage County

Date/Time: Various

Incident: For those of you who were following the Mantua case, here's an update. We stopped posting reports due to recent public knowledge and curiosity. I'll continue to refer to it has "The Mantua Case," although most of it occurs in remote areas outside of the town that I'll be keeping confidential.

Regarding the case of the Pack we're tracking, we're getting closer. In the past three weeks, we tracked them miles outside of town and cornered the pack's Alpha in an abandoned house close to midnight. He was there on a sweep-and-run operation and we caught each other by surprise. We're estimating his underlings were within a two-three mile radius outside, in the field/woods surrounding the location.

We had to fall back due to public activity and watchers. We're 99 percent sure we've located the nest/den. A raid will happen once preparation is made. Probably not until later June. Will report back on this ongoing investigation.

Many of you may recall the incident at the halfway den we found last year. We can now confirm that a fledgling loner occupies this area and as of now feeds only on deer. Witness testimony says it had a full head of hair and looked young. We have found a total of five slaughtered deer with their throats torn in and around this area, along with headless rodents.

Police reports are coming in of a "man with white makeup/pale face looking into people's windows and fleeing" in that same area, mostly the same street.(confidential.) We're making this one a top priority, as it seems to be growing much smarter. It tears the heads off now, so we cannot ID them as possible vampiric attacks. And now it's burying them. Our concern is it's going to want to start a pack of its own.

And, lastly, we are investigating a possible lone vampire in a nearby county. Not confirmed at this time.

Will report again soon.

-Agent Frost. CRD, O.U.R.S.

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