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Incident Report

Agent: Withheld

Base: Massachusetts

Date/Time: May 18, 2003

Incident: I believe that a new undead cult has evolved in the Cape Cod Canal area in Massachusetts. This cult has intercepted FBI and FVZA agent identities and has somehow arranged hits on at least 8 undercover FBI agents. The murders apparently are committed by people around the agents, as it appears the victims go into a vampiric coma, but only after their skin begins to ripple slightly. In other cases, it appears that zombies literally smash the skulls of agents and eat only brains, hearts and other major organs before throwing the remainder of the carcass around the room. The aforementioned cult has taken possession of the ID papers of least three FVZA agents, and a contact who has been trying to be accepted into this cult has told me that they have my ID. In addition, the cult is definitely in possession of a broken cross (it appears their order is not dead). An assault team should be put on standby. Please change my ID name to avoid repercussions. I will report on this further at a later date.

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