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Incident Report

Agent: Achlys

Base: British Columbia, Canada

Date/Time: May 3, 2003/2100 hours

Incident: Three nights ago, I was walking around my neighborhood about 2 hours after nightfall. I came to a dead-end street and saw a darkly dressed man approx. 6 feet in height with broad shoulders. He was wearing a black dress jacket, black pants and a red shirt. He turned towards me and, upon seeing me, quickly ran behind what appeared to be an old garage sitting about 20 feet back of the road at the edge of a heavily wooded area. I followed him and saw a door on the front side of the garage. I entered cautiously and saw nothing of interest in the approx. 25 ft-by-25 ft garage, except what looked like a large, flat piece of wood on the floor. It had a hole drilled into it with a knotted rope pulled through. I pulled up the plank by the rope, revealing a staircase leading below. I could see very little, as my flashlight decided not to work that night. In the basement I could make out a set of two metal doors across from the stairs and a peculiar 6 ft tall by 4 ft wide hole in the right wall. This hole opened into a tunnel of the same size leading out and upward. I went up it and found it led to the surface. The opening was covered by a frame of small logs nailed together and covered by bows of pine needles.

I went back down the tunnel and walked toward the metal doors. I thought I heard hushed voices behind it when I accidentally knocked over an old paint can. The voices stopped suddenly and it was quiet. I settled myself, took a deep breath, and took another step towards the doors. Just then, the doors burst open.

Four vampires came at me. I struck the first one in the throat with my left fist as hard as I could manage, then brought my casco (retracting baton), which I had pulled from my sweater pocket down on his neck with my right hand. It connected with a sickening thud, but with no hint of the cracking sound of his neck which I had expected. Before I could bring it up again, the second vampire was on me. The next few minutes (I guess) are a blur. The next I remember, my left hand was hurting and I was and running up the stairs. I was about 5 feet out of the garage when I was tackled from the left by another vampire. I kicked at his chest and brought the casco down on his back frantically and managed to pull myself out from under him. I got up one knee and swung the casco around with all my strength, catching him across the side of the face, the heavy tip striking just under his left ear. It connected with a terrible crack. Blood and teeth came out of his mouth with a spurt, and he collapsed over to his right letting out an enormous howl.

I got to my legs and ran as fast as I could down the street. When I reached my back door of my house about 15 minutes later, I saw 10 figures running under a streetlight 150 yards away. I got into my house as fast as possible and waited 3 hours before turning on any lights. Last night at sunset, I gathered 3 friends at my house who have helped me in the past. My hand was, as far as I could tell, sprained badly. I think my thumb and forefinger were pulled apart during the struggle in the basement. We gathered all our gear. I had my casco and a short samurai sword (katana); Kevin had a pistol and a police baton; Dave had a thick wood baseball bat and a dagger; and Dave had a metal staff sharpened at one end. I had lost my flaregun somewhere in the fight. We all went out (the guys didn't want me to go because of my hand, but I insisted) to the garage. Dave covered the tunnel exit, and Nick guarded the garage exit as myself and Kevin went down the stairs. We made little noise as we creeped across the floor. I retrieved my flare gun from the corner. It appeared in working order, with a cartridge still loaded. I painfully but quickly opened one of the doors with my left hand and fired the flare into the room as Kevin covered the doors with his pistol. Nothing. We both rushed in to find it vacant. Then we heard Dave yelling. We ran up the stairs and found Dave unarmed. A vampire came from behind him and got a spear through the gut. Nick and Dave were wrestling with the injured vampire. Dave was holding his arms from behind while Nick hit him with the bat. They seemed to be enjoying the task (glad they were winning the fight, I suppose) but I was worried. I quickly ran and retrieved Dave's staff. The vampire they were fighting did not look like any I had fought two nights earlier.

My hand is hurting from the typing, so I'll try to be brief. We were ambushed. Six vampires came from all directions-two down the street, three out of the woods behind the garage and one out of the forest to the left of the garage. To the right was a tall fence, so we had no escape route. Dave planted his spear through the one vampire and into the soft earth, pinning him. Kevin fired all the pistol rounds within a few seconds at the two coming from the road. His gun clicked empty just as the three reached us. I had one spare round for the flare gun I had brought along, so I loaded it and fired at the middle of the three. I took advantage of their momentary blindness to attack. I gave Dave my casco and I drew my katana. I killed one vampire just as the other three got to us. Kevin reloaded his pistol and shot the one vampire in the throat and we ran to the left and up the street, the vampires in pursuit. Two more joined them after a block and they were gaining on us. We made it around a corner 12-13 blocks from my house, and I told the guys to turn and fight. I think we surprised them as they came around the corner, but still they were stronger and had superior numbers. Every time we turned to fight, their seemed to be more of them. I counted 12 by the time we got close to my house. Fortunately, we know the neighborhood very well, and I think we got to my house before they saw us, so I don't think they know where I live. At least I hope not. My friends waited till morning before leaving. No bites, thankfully, but plenty of other injuries. Dave's arm is broken, Nick's shoulder was dislocated, and my hand is worse than ever. People are leaving the neighborhood. Three families as of today. One teenage girl "ran away" (that's what the police assume) last night, or so they think, because she wasn't in her bed this morning. They're scared of something, but they don't know exactly what. I'm staying here for the duration. Kevin is staying with me for as long as he can manage. We're going out again in a few moments, as soon as I'm finished this. We're going to stay close to home this time. We're not in any shape for a big fight.

I don't know how long we can hold out. No one seems to want to know who or what is chasing them out of their homes. The police don't come here after dark anymore. Dave can't fight, and Nick won't be able to help at all for a week at least.

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