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Incident Report

Witness: Mad Dog

Base: Newport News, Virginia

e-mail: noeldog@aol.com

Date/Time: June 22, 2003/0845 hours

Subject: Zombie stagger encountered/eliminated


1. At approximately 0715 22JUN03, a stagger of 14 zombies were encountered near the marshy area approximately one-and-a-half miles south of the Newport News (Virginia) Correctional Facility (commonly referred to as "The City Farm").

2. Stagger observed moving inland through marshy area at a slow pace. Estimated significant population encounter within 2 hours (conservative estimate). Below is a rudimentary census of the stagger members taken from safe distance prior to retirement of subjects:

AA F 25-35Fair N/A
AA M 15-25Poor Very gaunt, only clothing undergarments
H M 15-25Good Shotgun wound, lower torso
AA F 60-70Poor Lacerations around face
C M 20-30Fair Well dressed, extreme damage left foot
H F 10-15FairN/A
C M 20-30FairN/A
AAM 50-60FairExtreme aquatic exposure
C M 40-50 Poor Apparent dog bites to right arm/face
C M 20-30Good N/A
UNK F UNK Very Poor Severe burns, full body
UNK M UNKVery Poor Severe burns, full body
AA F 60-70 Poor Missing left arm
A M UNK Poor Carrying "gym bag"

*AA=African-American C=Caucasion H=Hispanic A=Asian UNK=unknown

-- All subjects were waterlogged to some degree, indicating presence in water for substantial period of time.

3. Retired subjects with suppressed 9mm handgun using 147gr. JHP, from 15 - 25 yards at elevated position. All subjects rendered inactive via 2 - 3 ocular-crainial shots. Weapon selection based on proximity of population and proximity of subjects to assault team.

4. Cleaner Crew dispatched to scene. Local authorities not involved nor notified. Freelance operatives working with team admonished.

5. No significant personal identification or property found on subjects, with the exception of subject "e," who, though missing wallet, had several business cards inside jacket pocket from several New Mexico "gentlemen's clubs." None of the subjects matched any local missing persons reports. Speculate that stagger has been moving along waterfront for weeks. Lack of identification might indicate stagger core members from homeless population from further east. Cleaner crew to provide more information.

6. Threat assessment: Low. All members of stagger rendered inactive. Observation of area and reconnaissance of local area indicates no further activity at this time.

Notes: From previous encounter involving suspected SRI operatives, believe one unit still working in region "spreading the love." Speculate unit to be an anomaly and not "packing" with others of its kind. SRI may also be working in region to recover anomalous subject or to collect further specimens.

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