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Incident Report

Witness: Mad Dog

Base: Newport News, Virginia

e-mail: noeldog@aol.com

Date/Time: 29 April, 2003/1400 hours

Incident: At 1400, while following up on previous investigation, I was contacted by informant's mother. She stated, very emotionally, that the local authorities had informed her that her son's remains had been located. The cause of death was suicide by gunshot to the head. The police inquired about her son's "friends," who turned out to be the aforementioned group of caretakers. The official police report states that the group of vampire/satanic/gothic enthusiasts had followed through with a suicide pact in order to "rise from the dead." A total of fives bodies were recovered, all matching the description of the core group of caretakers. I was able to use my close personal ties to a local law enforcement official to learn that the weapon used was a 9mm handgun that the group apparently passed around and shot themselves after drinking each other's blood, as some had what appeared to be human bite marks on and about their bodies. I was permitted to see the crime scene photos on the digital camera LCD; these were NOT the actual hard copies, so details were grainy at best. It will be several months before photos are made a part of public record.

Crime scene items of note:

  1. One female, approximately 16-18 years old, on her back, apparently collapsed from the kneeling position, appeared to have two gunshot facial wounds with only limited powder tattooing. Although a reflex "double tap" is possible, the absence of extreme powder tattooing suggests the shots were from further than point blank range.
  2. One male, approximate age 25 (my former informant) collapsed on right side with an exit wound about an inch above his left ear. This would indicate he fired the shot from the right side. My informant was lefthanded. He also displayed what appeared to be bite marks on his right hand.
  3. Three shell casings that appeared to be 9mm were photographed about eight feet from the nearest body in very close proximity to each other. I am not a forensic or investigative specialist, but the circumstances appear to be suspicious. Further the absence of the alleged "zombie pet" might indicate an outside agency attempting to cover up or retrieve a subject. This is well outside the scope of my abilities since local authorities are now involved. There is no further information concerning the two individuals mentioned in previous reports with New Mexico identification.

Summary: If the subject "pet" was indeed a zombie it is doubtful that it would have the mental capacity to construct such an elaborate death. Other than superficial bite marks, there were no visible signs that any obvious portion of the victims had been "chewed-on." If, however, the subject was a lone vampire, the possibility exists that it could have constructed this ruse; however, it does not explain the complicating factor of the individuals with New Mexico identification. No autopsies are planned and local authorities are branding this incident "cut-and-dry."

Recommendation: All current contacts and leads exhausted. Recommend New Mexico based FVZA follow up on possible operatives of other organizations working this case. Adjust threat level to "Low" and file.

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