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Incident Report Follow Up 15

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Witness: Amanda Irazusta

Base: Perth, Western Australia

e-mail: Dragonsr4eva@hotmail.com

Date/Time: 10/3/05/2045 hours

Incident: Sorry for not having reported in so long but things have been rather quiet here in Western Australia. Well at least in Perth. But since mid September there has been a jump in sightings and killings by vampires. Unfortunately it seems there are some amateur kids running around thining they can kill vampires easily.

Our group here has grown. It's amazing the unusually gifted people who come out of the woodwork here in Western Australia.

Soon however I will be moving to Tasmania (other side of the country) where there seems to be very few vampires. Well at least I get a holiday. But to our agents in Melbourne especially: if you need assistance any time after April next year e-mail me.

My group has expanded into South Australia and the Northern territory so we are beginning to make a highly coordinated attack on the vampires and few zombies in this country. Luckily for Australia our isolation has protected us from any major outbreaks. May it always stay that way.

We are going out to scout the southern suburbs tonight. I leave in an hour. Hopefully we find nothing to dangerous. Wish me luck.

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