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Incident Report

Witness: Amanda Irazusta

Base: Perth, Western Australia

Date/Time: May 8, 2003/0235 hours

Incident: I am glad to say that we have been able to eradicate most of the vampires in the Fremantle district. However, we are getting reports of increased activity in the northern areas.

I have to share some sorrowing news, as we recently lost two members in the struggle. Elisha M*****, 17, and Damian H***, 21, died last night when they fell through through the floor of an abandoned building. Fortunately, they were dead when the vampires started to feast.

Thanks in part to their sacrifice, we were able to clear out the whole building. Sadly, Elisha and Damian were only recruits and had yet to sign up fully.

Our hearts go out to all who knew these two.

That is all I have to say.

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