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Incident Report

Witness: Amanda Irazusta

Base: Perth, Western Australia

Date/Time: May 6, 2003/0517 hours

Incident: We have found several nests of vampires in an abandoned building along the Fremantle foreshore.

I was in the markets when I noticed an abandoned factory with curtains on one of the windows that I had never seen before, so I decided to investigate. Using my shadow training, I was able to get in unobserved. There was a nest of about 20 vampires living in this building.

Early this morning we went in and eradicated the whole lot of them. We plan to go and check the other buildings in the area.

While this is good news, it certainly is not the end of the vampire plague, as we had three more deaths last night. All victims were decapitated and torn to pieces.

I fear that even though we have destroyed some vampires we still have large nests elsewhere in the metropolitan area. I am getting reports of more activity north of the river. I think this is still just the beginning.

So far Australia had been pretty clear of these creature until now. I fear we may be seeing some sort of migration, as numbers are skyrocketing.

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