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Incident Report

Witness: Amanda Irazusta

Base: Perth, Western Australia

Date/Time: 27 April, 2003/2000-0030 hours

Incident: We have found another 8 people dead in their house. It is believed that they were the last left after a big party. Two people found outside were given the vaccine and are now recovering well.

I again ask that a team be sent to Western Australia to help with this outbreak. So far the body count has reached 65 in the Cockburn area alone. We have yet to receive accurate numbers from other areas. Due to the accessibility of everything via the freeway the vampires could be anywhere.

Also the vampire attacks seem to be more violent. We have found in the past here that vampires make attempts to hide their activity and usually leave their victims intact. But now we are finding more victims who have been torn to pieces and in some cases burned.

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