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Incident Report

Cast of a werewolf footprint

Agent/Witness: D.T.

Base: Missouri City, Texas

Date/Time: November 2, 2011

Incident: My friend and I were out walking in a big field behind his house that crosses a road and backs up to a large forest. We found the mutilated body of a freshly-killed cat at the edge of the field by the road. The cat's front left leg was ripped off and lying on the ground about 20 feet from the body. The neck was slashed and snapped and it appeared that something had been eating it just a few minutes before my friend and I got there.

As my friend stared at the mutilated body, I turned my head and saw two large, hairy, crouching shapes on the other side of the road. The two figures stood up and I got a better look at them. They were tall (maybe eight feet) and had pointed ears like a German Shepherd. Their snouts were long and two saber-like fangs stuck out on either side.

As I stared, the thought hit me: I'm staring at two full grown werewolves. Almost immediately I poked my friend and told him to look. The two werewolves jumped across the road and bounded toward us. My friend and I ran away as fast as we could. When we got back inside the fence of my friend's house, he got his BB gun and fired a shot, hitting the first werewolf in the shoulder. This must have spooked the creatures because both of them turned around and ran away on four legs.

My friend, his dad, and I went into the forest to look for evidence and we found a footprint 10-inches long, looking almost exactly like the one in the Beast of Bozeman virtual case.

Comment from Dr. Pecos: The description you give is consistent with that of a werewolf. They are very large, have pointed ears and run on all fours. Also, they sometimes work together in pairs. The behavior you describe is odd, though. They typically are aware of a human's approach well before the human sees them, and it's unusual to see them feasting on a cat. While they will snack on varmints, they'd have to be desperate with hunger to attack a cat. And a BB gun is unlikely to deter them; I've heard of werewolves that took some large bullets from high-powered rifles and kept on charging.

If you have a photograph of the footprint, please send it along.

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