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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Wolf

Base: Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Date/Time: 10/3-10/19/11, 12.13 a.m.

Tuscarawas County in
eastern Ohio.
I'm here to report on a vampire pack operating in the Tuscarawas County area.

Since I started looking through the Provisional FVZA nearly seven years ago, I've wanted to start my own team to make sure the Tuscarawas area was safe from the undead threat. I and 10 other people have been on lookout since 2009.

Now on to the case. I and my second in command, a female agent code-named Fox, have been hearing from our police contact that there has been a large number of animals reported missing as of late. This could mean that the suckheads are going after animals for a short term meal.

Then, on October 10th, we found a witness saying that four "homeless men" killed his chickens. He described them as having a pale blueish color and red eyes with black irises.

This comfirms that we were dealing with a vampire pack. We broke into teams of two to search for the pack. However, Tuscarawas County is what I call a vampire real estate dream. Tuscarawas has three major cities (New Philadelphia, Dover, and Uhrichsville) that have plenty of abandoned houses and factories for vampire hideouts. The neighboring villages (Midvale, Gnadenhutten, Baltic and Sugarcreek) have plenty of potential victims that could be dragged into the surrounding wooded areas. The wooded areas also have many hideouts, from abandoned barns and houses to strip mines.

We have searched for days, talking to witnesses (we told them that there were four homeless men who were killing animals) and searching through any place that looked like a hideout. On October 19th, a young couple was reported missing after they left an early Halloween party at around 12:25 a.m. I have all of my team looking for the couple as I write this report.

I will update when new developments come up.

Agent Wolf

Commander of the 1st Volunteer Undead Supression Squad.

Comment from Dr. Pecos: First off, I wouldn't confirm vampire activity based on the account of one eyewitness. You'll need more. It's unusual to find vampires hunting animals in packs. The more common scenario is that of a lone, desperate vampire feeding off of dogs, cats and rodents. In any case, keep me posted and remember: never take the law into your own hands.

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