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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: John

Base: Lubbock, Texas

Date/Time: 11/15/10, 1845 hours

Incident: I had just gotten through shopping at the grocery store when I felt a strange prescence all around me. Now, this time of years it's dark by 6:30 p.m. or so. When I turned around, a person dressed in a dark trenchcoat was standing by the tree a few yards away. Most people around here don't wear trenchcoats unless they're hooligans claiming to be part of the trenchcoat mafia, so it struck me as a bit odd. As I was getting into my car, he appeared by the door and said, in an unnatural voice, "Beware those cloaked in red." His eyes were empty and a pale crimson and he had no color in his face save the pink from a fresh scar. Did I see what I thought I did, or am I losing it?

Comment from Dr. Pecos: John, I'm not a trained mental health professional and therefore am not qualified to determine if you're losing it.

The figure you describe bears some characteristics of a vampire, such as the pale skin and red eyes. Also, vampires tend to take pains to cover their bodies in clothing and coats. I'm not sure what you mean by "unnatural voice." Was it accented? Guttural? Generally, vampire voices are not any different from human voices. The structures of the mouth and throat that enable us to speak remain intact after transformation. In the olden days, many vampires were mulitlingual, as their long lives and frequent moving around gave them exposure to many languages.

They red cloak comment could mean many things: virginal women, a religious sect, a vampire subcult. However, I don't know why this vampire would be warning you. Most people who get this close to a vampire do not live to tell the tale.

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