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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Jake

Base: Dupo, Illinois

Date/Time: December 20, 2009

Incident: I was visiting my friend around midnight. We decided to walk up to the local gas station, which is called ZX. To get there, you must either walk through the woods or cross a bridge. Since it is a high-crime area, we took the bridge. When we reached the peak of the bridge, we heard a scream. I looked over the edge of the bridge and saw a woman being chased by what seemed to be four men. The four men were wearing old, torn clothes and they had pale skin, except for one who I believe was African-American. One of the men tripped the woman, and then two of the others came up and flipped her around. The three restrained her and the fourth one slowly walked up. The woman screamed. I heard one of the attackers say something and then they covered her mouth. The one who had walked up crouched over her and I guess he sucked her blood. Then they picked her up and took her into a nearby abandoned house.

We went to the gas station and discussed it with the clerk and then she called the cops. When the cops arrived, we told them the story, but I don't think they believed us. But they went over to the house anyway, and then they came out running, got in the car and floored it.

I am 100 percent sure the people I saw are vampires. I believe they hide in a local abandoned church because the windows one day were all just blacked out, according to my friend, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Comment from Dr. Pecos: The assailants in your account did display a characteristic vampire pack attack pattern. If the FVZA were still around, we would conduct a daytime sweep of the abandoned church, but I wouldn't advise such action from civilians. You should turn this matter over to the local police, even though their behavior at the house hardly inspires confidence.

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