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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Steve H.

Base: Alburtis, Pennsylvania

Date/Time: May 12, 2009, noon.

Incident: There is an abandoned house on Quarry Road. My friends and I walked into it during the day and it just has a bad vibe to it. There was a sign someone had put up before the basement that said "do you know where vampires live?" We tried walking into the basement but the stairs were all rotted out. When we walked around to the back door to get in the basement, we got a cold chilling feeling. We looked in and saw nothing but darkness.

I believe this place is a hideout. Thanks for hearing my story.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: While abandoned houses often serve as hiding places for vampires, the sign you described leads me to believe that this particular house is no haven for bloodsuckers. Vampires are extremely discrete and would never take to advertising their presence anywhere.

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