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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Frank

Base: Birmingham, Alabama

Date/Time: 1/31/06, 2338 hours

Incident: I must start by telling you this is only my firsthand account of one of the horrors that were committed in a string of brutal attacks over the past several months. I'm submitting this report to make people aware of the threats that are possibly spreading like wildfire across the southeastern states.

I was on my way home on a cool winter night--it must have been 30 degrees outside--when my girlfriend Lisa called me on my cell phone. She wanted to know if I could possibly meet her at our spot in a half hour or so. I said "yeah sure, let me get home and change."

I pulled into my drive at around 10:45 p.m. and ran into the house for a quick change and to check my e-mail before I jetted. On my way back out the door I noticed the neighborhood was unusually quiet for a weekend, and the street lights were still busted (on a quick note: I chalked the busted street lights up to vandalism by the neighborhood kids; you get all kinds of little things like that when you live in a mobile home park.) I remember looking at my phone and seeing the exact time was 11:04 p.m. and thinking, "I'm late," so I started a fast-paced jog to our spot by the laundromat which was about two blocks away if you cut through yards and about a mile if you took the road.

I was cutting through the yards thinking to myself about how good it felt to be getting a little exercise and getting a little warmer when I thought I heard a muffled yell. I couldn't be sure of it at the time because the wind blowing and my hoodie pulled up around my head, but I stopped to listen, and sure enough, not even 20 seconds later, I heard it again.

I started moving a little slower and looking around when I finally saw movement in the shadows by the laundromat right outside the gleam of the fluorescent light. I started to call out and see if everything was alright when instinct kicked in and that little voice in the back of my head said, "NO, something's not right about this."

Now call me scared or call me a chicken, but that one second to think about it saved my life. I crept closer to see if I could get a better look at what was going on when I saw Lisa bent over in the shadows making these awful wheezing sounds.

I yelled to her and kicked it into a full sprint. When I got within 10 yards or so she raised up and in the light I caught a glimpse of her eyes, and then I saw the twitching feet of a what I later found out to be a middle-aged woman I knew from the a local convenience store. Lisa lurched at me with a piercing shriek that still haunts me to this day. Lucky for me I was still a few yards away and had time to duck through the door of the laundromat and slam the door.

She beat on it for what seemed to be hours, but was probably only a few minutes. I stayed in that place with my back against the door till I saw the bright rays of the sun cutting through the cracks in the doorway. Even though I knew the sun was up I was still hesitant about opening the door.

I finally got the nerve to open the door just slightly and listen for the tiniest sound. It was all quiet. I finally stepped out into the sun. I looked over to where I had seen the nameless feet twitching, and all that was left were a few tiny dark stains on the concrete and a tag with the name ROSE under a insignia of the local convenience store.

In the following months after my encounter I paid closer attention to the news, researched on the net and marked all disappearances and brutal killings. I have come to three conclusions:

  1. Lisa was a vampire and I'm pretty sure she was a newly turned due to the fact that that the feeding I witnessed left her temporarily impaired.
  2. There must be others. From reports I've been following I'm guessing at least a pack the size of 8 to 10 members.
  3. I'm sure glad I didn't ask her to marry me.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: A few questions. When was the last time you saw Lisa before the incident? How did she look when you saw her over the convenience store clerk? Also, was there anyone on duty at the laundromat when you ducked inside?

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