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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Steve W.

Base: French Creek

Date/Time: 4/17/02, 2356 hours

Incident: I was returning home from a small get together with my neighbors. Across the street from where I was walking was a rather large field that belonged to the local farmer there. Near a shack in the corner of the field I saw what looked like a chicken standing atop a small stump. Suddenly, the shack door opened up and two more chickens came out, followed by a very irregular looking man. He seemed impossibly small, like a dwarf from a fairy tale. I kept walking.

I glanced over a minute later and the dwarven looking man was rummaging on the ground and putting small round objects inside a burlap sack. When he was finished he grabbed the sack and walked away to the farmhouse a few hundred feet across the field. He left the three chickens standing around the stump. What struck me as most peculiar was that the chickens did not move: they stood there like statues. I was curious to know more so I wandered over to the side of the field to get a closer look.

When I climbed up the bank next to the field I finally saw one of the chickens in a clearer view and I almost vomited. There, sitting where the chicken's neck and head was supposed to be was the head of a goat. It appeared to be crudely sown onto the chicken's neck like some abomination from hell. I recoiled in fear and quickly glanced over at the two remaining chickens. They were similarly malformed.

I started to back away as quickly as I could, and when I turned around to cross the road I saw the dwarven man standing directly behind me with his sack. He let out a small groan as if to try to tell me something. I tried to push him over, but when my hand hit his flesh it sunk in like Jello. I then hit him in the head and he dropped the sack. When the sack hit the ground, three chicken heads covered in blood rolled out. Their eyes appeared to be missing.

I did not want to stick around and find out what he did with the chickens, so I ran around the man as he tried to grab me with his monstrous hands. I fled to my house across the road, and when I looked back I saw that he had disappeared.

Till this day I do not dare venture over to the farmer's field.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Thanks for the story, but it sounds like you may have an Orc or goblin on your hands, both of which are outside of the FVZA's domain.

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