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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Jared

Base: Romania

Date/Time: 2004

Incident: (I'm not sure if werewolf sightings are in FVZA jurisdiction, but here goes.)

This was a sighting given to me by a friend. For privacy purposes, he will only be known as "M."

M and his dad had been vacationing in an unknown location in the forests of the former Transylvania. They were doing some hunting with 12-gauge shotguns: one an over/under, the other a pump-action with a magazine plug that only enabled three rounds to be carried. I'm not quite sure if the plug was there because of a hunting law, or someone simply forgot to take it out.

Anyways, M and his dad stumbled across a shirtless, pudgy man with a bullet wound about the size of a dime on his left shoulder. M asked the man if he was okay, and if he would like to be taken back to a hospital.

The man answered, "no, I'm fine, I can get myself there." The bullet wound didn't look too serious, as there was no blood coming from it, so, M and his father dismissed it.

The next night, M and his dad were out hunting again when they were startled by some nearby howling. They opened fire at the source of the sound until their guns were empty. The howling abruptly stopped and they went to investigate their kill.

M described what they found as an approximately seven to eight foot tall creature covered in fur, and bearing numerous wounds from the buckshot barrage.

They investigated a bit closer and noticed a startling detail: the creature had a bullet wound the same size and shape of the one on the man from the night before.

That's about the only details M could give me, because both he and his father fled the scene, afraid they had killed some endangered species.

Now, this story is about two years old and I have no idea if werewolves are still roaming around that forest, so take this with a grain of salt.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: I assume the man your friend came across was speaking Romanian, which begs the question, does your friend or his father speak Romanian? Also, how do they know the creature they killed wasn't a bear? And finally, if the creature was blasted with shot, then how could they distinguish the one wound that was similar to the one found on the man the night before?

As I mentioned before, werewolves do not freely transform from human to werewolf and back again. I know this is a bone of contention with many, but the evidence simply doesn't support reversible transformation.

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