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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Dave M.

Base: Crestview, Florida, U.S.A.

Date/Time: January 8, 2006/1600-2400 hours

Incident: Recently, I went to the local JobsPlus to get some help finding work. While there, I heard a woman talking on the phone to what must have been her doctor. She was saying that her son had been bitten by some stranger on the way to school earlier that day, and that he had developed influenza-like symptoms, including a high fever. What I heard led me to question an incident I had witnessed the same day.

At approximately 1800 hours, I saw a sheriff's squad car and a riot wagon drive down the street. I was concerned, as I try to make certain that my neighborhood is a relatively quiet and peaceful one.

At approximately 2100 hours, I ran into one of the people who live near the area where the sheriff's car had been headed. I asked her what happened and she told me that there had been a drunken hobo terrorizing the neighbors. The cops had taken him away in the riot wagon. When I asked what state he was in, she replied that his clothes were in tatters; his skin had the consistency of cheese and the smell of rotten meat; he was dragging one of his feet; his arm on the same side was limp; and he was attacking the people only (he only stopped and attacked the family dogs when they started to knock him down and tear at him). He also seemed to be incapable of understanding the sheriffs, and took several hits with a billy club before he finally was subdued and taken away in the riot wagon.

I shall continue to monitor the situation and in the event that it progresses too far, I will take appropriate action.


Comments From Dr. Pecos: Interesting, if true. The fact that the man was difficult to bring down and had palsy on only one side of the body suggests he was a Stage II zombie It's odd that his clothes were in tatters though, unless the man was indigent when bitten. Please keep us posted and, if possible, send links to any newspaper/TV stories about the incident or any subsequent incidents.

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