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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Eric J.

Base: Pittsfield, NH

Date/Time: November 30, 2005/0525 hours

Incident: I have been in Pittsfield for approximately three months, at the behest of one of my wife's friends. This friend talked about "numerous strange occurrences" by some local residents.

I have been observing a building across from my apartment for several weeks. People come and go from the building at all hours of the night, utilizing the fire escape located at the back of the building.

During this period of time, the police department has taken no less than 14 missing person reports; during a conversation with the Chief of Police, he alluded to "lots of summer folk leaving before winter gets too harsh."

On the date and time above, I witnessed seven individuals enter the building by the fire escape; all appeared to have a reddish liquid around their mouths, and several of them had dissheveled clothing, as if they had been involved in an altercation.

I am scheduling a meeting with other assaulters in the area, and am formulating a plan of action.

Will advise soon with further details; Dr. Pecos, please advise if you are in possession of stratagems for "sweep and clear" that have proven effective.

Comments From Dr. Pecos: What type of building is this? Is it abandoned? Have you passed on your findings to the law authorities? Until the Vanguard is reinstated and new agents are trained and deputized, these matters are to be left to the appropriate authorities.

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