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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Jared Walker

Base: Chicago, IL

Date/Time: September 30, 2005/0100 to 0130 hours

Incident: I was walking home from a party down an alley near my house when I came across a young woman running down an intersecting alleyway from an unknown assailant. She had blood running down her blouse from her neck and when I tried to stop her and ask what the problem was she just screamed and kept on running. I too began running when I saw what she was running from: a man who had leaped off a nearby garage. Normally I'd call this guy a junkie, but from what I have read on your site, I believe he could have been a vampire. I darted in the direction of my house when I saw his his fangs, but he caught up and grabbed me by the arm. Thanks to this site however I escaped harm-free when I wrenched his arm and side-kicked his leg out from under him.

I ran the remaining two blocks home without stopping, but I never saw that woman again. She was Hispanic, about 5'5" with long brown hair and brown eyes. The vampire was about 5'3" with curly hair and a beard. I figured he was a vampire by his large black pupils and bloodshot eyes, as well as his skin being yellow tinted (thought it may have been the street lights).

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Well, if what you described is true, then you're a lucky man. Keep in mind, the sidekick technique is designed for zombies. It's usually insufficient for fighting off a lone vampire.

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