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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Derek E.

Base: Bloomfield, New Mexico

Date/Time: September 19, 2005

Incident: Dr. Pecos, I need your help. In my town I have seen a large pack of hounds running through the alley behind my house. I have information that these hounds are related to the large numbers of corpses turning up in our area. Several of my contacts and I have banded together and are going on a covert hound extermination operation and I need your help regarding the proper dispatching of these hellish beasts. We are in an isolated tri county area and I have seen several black vans parked around the area where these corpses are turning up and I am curious as to whether or not these are the same vans that Santa Rosa is using to transport samples without attracting attention. I smell a conspiracy here, and I think that Santa Rosa is using our County for an experimental outbreak. HAVE THEY NO SOULS?

But to the main point, what do you advise we do here in my city to defend ourselves? Because time may be running out.

Derek E.
Guerilla Zombie Extermination Corp, GZEC

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Dogs infected with the zombie virus are difficult to distinguish from rabid dogs. They will foam at the mouth, behave aggressively and display an unquenchable thirst. While Santa Rosa could end up being the origin of an outbreak, it would not likely be propagated through infected dogs. So I'd say you either have a pack of feral dogs on your hands or a vivid imagination.

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