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Incident Report Follow-Up 2

Agent/Witness: Zeno

Base: Pembroke, Ontario

Date/Time: September 4, 2005/1400 hours

Incident: Dear Dr. Pecos,

I wish I had read your advice before I agreed to meet with the two "vampire hunters" I mentioned in my previous letter.

The meeting was to take place Saturday (i.e. September 4, 2005) in a McDonald's restaurant not far from the park mentioned in my original report. The two vampire hunters did not arrive at the prearranged time. I had waited almost a half hour for them to show up when I heard the screeching of tires outside of the restaurant.

From my seat next to the window I could see the cause of the near fatal accident. It was the terrifying old woman (the same old woman that I suspect was a vampire) crossing four lanes of heavy traffic without the slightest regard for her own personal safety. It was as though she did not see the oncoming cars. Motorists swerved frantically to avoid hitting her. Thankfully no one was injured in the process!

The old woman then walked toward the restaurant window where I was seated. I became very still, ready to run at the first sign of aggression. She sniffed the air around her and seemed to be staring off into space occasionally shaking her head from side to side. I couldn't believe she didn't spot me, as it would have been impossible for her not to from her vantage point. She walked right by me coming within two meters of where I sat and then disappeared toward the rear of the building.

At first I felt very foolish for being afraid of this old woman! Clearly she was no vampire! It was only two o'clock in the afternoon and there she was walking around in the sun like any other person.

On the other hand, this woman is still a very verbally abusive person and potentially dangerous. Due to my first violent encounter with her I was terrified at the prospect of further attack. Though her calm demeanor and indifference toward me during this second encounter was somewhat reassuring, I did not dare go outside and risk a possible confrontation, at least not while I was alone and unarmed.

Then it dawned on me! The reason the old woman did not see me was because she is blind! She must use her other senses to compensate for her loss of site.

Therefore I could not assume that this woman's perceived indifference towards me was an indication that she had either forgiven or forgave the imagined provocation I had given her during our last encounter, nor could I assume the she wouldn't try to even the score at the first opportunity!

Then I remembered something I read on your website: vampire vision is particularly well suited for night due to hyperdilation of the pupils. You also state that sunlight causes blindness in vampires, due to hyperdilation of the pupils, and causes neural pathways to fire randomly in the vampire brain, creating an extreme epileptic reaction.

I began to wonder, is this possible that the sunlight triggers epileptic reactions in vampires the same way that viewing bright flashing lights causes epileptic reaction in some humans?

Then a truly horrifying question came to mind! Is it possible that a blind vampire, unable to see any light whatsoever, would be immune to these epileptic reactions?

What if this woman really is a vampire, a vampire able to tolerate exposure to direct sunlight because she because she can't see light that would blind sited vampires and send them into violent epileptic seizure? Perhaps a vampire immune to sunlight sounds farfetched, but as you have said many times before Dr. Pecos, there is so much about vampires that we simply don't yet know.

Dr. Pecos, any thoughts or comments on this subject would be greatly appreciated! As always I will keep you informed of new developments as they occur.

Yours very truly,


Comments from Dr. Pecos: Interesting theory. Blindness has a number of causes, and while some of these conditions would affect the amount of light entering the eye, it still would not be enough to allow a vampire to walk in the day. The most important thing to remember is that vampires keep a low profile. There are no exceptions to this. If you see one, it is likely going to be the last thing you'll ever see.

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