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Incident Report Follow-Up 1

Agent/Witness: Zeno

Base: Pembroke, Ontario

Date/Time: September 3, 2005/1645 hours

Incident:This is an update to my incident report dated August 27, 2005. I have been scanning the Internet looking for more information concerning the woman I saw in the park last weekend. Unfortunately, I have not been able to ascertain any new information about what condition this woman could be afflicted with or what diseases might possibly cause her to behave so violently.

With regard to your comments, I too had my doubts that the subject in question could be either a zombie or vampire. Firstly, she seemed too articulate and able-bodied to be a zombie. Moreover her age and gender are inconsistent with typical vampire demographics.

However I note that your website suggests that while most vampires are males there are exceptions to the rule.

You also note that the catatonic vampire transformation process puts tremendous stress on the body. Those who survive this stage of the transformation are usually young, strong, able-bodied persons.

But is it not possible Dr. Pecos that a middle aged or even elderly person could survive the process if that individual were extremely fit and robust? In the alternative, is it not possible that this woman could have been transformed into a vampire in her youth and lived long enough to reach old age?

As for your observation about the time of day, I agree that one would not expect to see a vampire during daylight hours. Although I do note that in Canada the sun sets earlier due to our geographic latitude (or is it longitude, I always confuse these two terms).

At the time of the incident the sky, while not completely dark, was dim enough that street lamps had already been switched on. Dusk was almost over.

In any event, I am pleased to report some minor progress in my case.

Two self-proclaimed vampire-hunting enthusiasts have contacted me. These two individuals, who have asked to remain anonymous, learned of my encounter through contacts at the local police department. They have in turn contacted me and offered their assistance in resolving this case.

While I am slightly reluctant to involve myself with these two individuals of whom I know nothing about, my curiosity and natural impulsiveness have taken over and I have agreed to meet with them.

With any luck these two individuals will be able to shed some light into this mystery or at least give me some new leads.

I shall keep you informed of any new developments.


Comments from Dr. Pecos: Vampires can be mistaken for elderly people, but in my experience they will wait until well after dark before venturing out. Also, beware of self-proclaimed vampire hunters. Many are just as nuts as the self-proclaimed vampires. One more thing: it would be helpful if you would provide me with your e-mail address in any future communications.

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