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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Zeno

Base: Pembroke, Ontario

Date/Time: August 27, 2005/1945 hours

Incident: I was jogging through the park (Nathan McDaniel's park, in the township of Pembroke) last night when I came across a very strange thing. An elderly woman dresses in rags was standing next to the bike path muttering incoherently to a dead cat clenched tightly in her fist.

I tried hard to ignore her but as I passed by her she looked up at me. Her eyes seemed to glow as those of cat or dog would if struck by light at the correct angle.

I found this all to be very unsettling (editor's note: I should think so!). I began to run away as fast as I could but the woman followed me. She moved with inhuman speed and dexterity. With cat still in hand she screamed that she intended to kill me and any else who tried to stop her. She would have easily overtaken me but she broke off her chase and vanished as soon as we were in sight of a group of adolescents playing tennis on a nearby court.

I immediately phoned the local police and magistrate from a payphone and informed them of this assault on my person, but they ignored my complaint and threatened to lay charges against me if I bothered them with any more wild stories. I also tried to warn the children on the tennis court, but they too ignored me and showered me with even more verbal abuse.

I do not know how to proceed. This woman threatened to kill me. She seems to posses supernatural strength and speed. No one seems to believe my story. Moreover this deranged and quite possibly violent woman is still at large.

I honestly believe that this woman poses a danger to both myself and this community. If anyone reading this message can offer me advice or assistance on how to resolved this matter I would be very grateful!



Comments from Dr. Pecos: Well, she sounds too old to be a vampire, not to mention that the time of the incident is a bit early for a bloodsucker to make an appearance. And zombieism is out of the question, since she moved with inhuman speed and dexterity. In fact, take away the athletic ability and she sounds like a run of the mill insane person. I will pass this on to some other sources and see if they can offer any insight.

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