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Western Director

Agent Name: White Rabbit

Base: Reno, Nevada

Specialties/Areas of Interest: Digital security specialist, extensive experience with the occult, vampirism, and paranormal activity. Proficient in several martial arts (Shotokan and Kyokushin), certified in emergency medicine.

E-mail: white.rabbit.fvza@gmail.com

Biography: I grew up in the suburbs of Silicon Valley, California, and had a fascination with vampires and the occult at an early age; the only thing that captured my attention more than that were computers. While attending high school, I also attended junior college at night for advanced computer classes. After high school I attended junior college and became a Certified Emergency Medical Technician 1A (EMT-1A), and took several martial arts classes as well. College didn't seem to fit my style at the time so after three years in a two-year "JC" I dropped out and worked in the security field for several years during the day, while ghost hunting and researching vampirism at night. After years upon years of studying the occult, vampirism (from varied sources), and other paranormal activity, I chose to re-enter college and go for my degree in computer science. As of 2/05 I am a senior holding a 3.92 GPA with just a few months to go. I specialize in digital security, networking, and project management. I have been accepted in the masters program for computer science as well, and I have all confidence that I will continue my studies after graduation. I joined the FVZA in February of '03 and have been an assault team member in two different states (Nevada, Louisiana), and love working with Dr. Pecos whenever I can.

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