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Ask Dr. Pecos

During his days as an Instructor at the FVZA Academy, Dr. Pecos enjoyed nothing more than answering questions from students. Retirement did little to dim that passion. Collected here are actual questions that Dr. Pecos fielded and answered in the years before he passed away. Though Dr. Pecos is gone, we will continue to do our best to answer any queries you may have. New questions and answers will be posted periodically; old questions and answers are archived below.


What kinds of cars do vampires drive?
—ShogunDarH, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A vampire in today's world might drive
something along the lines of a Chrysler 300

A: First off, it's true: Vampires drive motor vehicles, according to Dr. Pecos, and they have since the very beginnings of automotive transportation. Their excellent reflexes and powerful night vision make them highly capable of driving after dark. As they do with most of their decisions, vampires focus on discretion when choosing automobiles. Many could easily afford to drive Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Ferraris, but they know better than to motor around in such auspiciously high-end vehicles. Remember: They don't want to attract attention. Think of what an affluent retiree in Naples, Florida, or Scottsdale, Arizona, would drive and you'll get an idea of a vampire's ideal car or SUV. They tend to gravitate toward mid-range Lexus sedans, Toyota Avalons, Chrysler 300s, BMW 5 series sedans and C class Mercedes four-doors. A vampire in a car will be virtually indistinguishable from an elderly person; in other words, not the type of driver that would draw the interest of the police.

As seen in the movie "Near Dark," a pack of vampires will use RVs, but sparingly, They will seal off the living quarters of the RV from light, and use a driver to get them from place to place. Packs will also use box trucks and vans when relocating to a new base. There have even been scenarios where vampires have operated 18-wheelers, as in the "Terror on the Interstate" case of 1967.

A Pierce Arrow limousine similar to the
one preferred by the vampire Bluford Magee

In the past, older, wealthier vampires often owned limousines or town cars and employed the services of a driver to spirit them around. A rich vampire by the name of Bluford Magee actually played a peripheral role in automotive history, according to Dr. Pecos' case files. Back in the 1920s, Magee lived in a gated Victorian mansion shrouded by large trees on Adams Ave. near downtown Memphis, Tenn. He was from old money — very old money, as it turned out he was a former slaveholder who had been alive for almost 200 years. Magee liked expensive cars, and his favorite was the Pierce Arrow limousine. Back then, cars could be customized at the factory to meet the needs of wealthy clients. Magee asked the engineers at Pierce Arrow if they could make the windows of the limo's passenger compartment block out the sun, as he claimed he had a "congenital sensitivity" to sunlight. He made it clear that no price was too high. Engineers at the company worked on a number of different solutions before developing a tinted glass that would do the job. Unknowingly, the engineers had made it easier for Magee to extend his nightly forays into the city in search of fresh blood. But Magee's devotion to his ostentatious car proved to be his undoing, as witnesses linked the car with several mysterious disappearances in the city. The FVZA traced the car to Magee and put a tail on him one night as his driver took him out in search of a feeding. A chase ensued, and Magee's driver lost control of the big auto and crashed it into a ditch. Magee fled and was on the run for several days. Eventually a farmer flushed him from a barn and into the sunlight, where he died an agonizing death. Though Magee was gone, the technological advances made on his Pierce Arrow live on in the window tinting of today's cars.

—Richard Dargan, FVZA

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